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The Game - My Bitch (

Pull up in motorcades, I got a show todayIt's all I'm tryna do, hustle and motivateChoppers a throwaway, hustle the Hova wayThat's why they follow me, huh, they think I know the way'Cause I took control of things, balling the solo wayAnd if you pattern my trend, I'll make you my protegeSlauson Ave. Soldier raised, niggas don't know them daysTake you in back of the buildings, make you expose your rageTake you across the tracks, make you explode a faceNow you official now, but you got a soul to saveI just been cooking that new, I'm 'bout to drop in a fewThink if I call it the great, the people gon' call it the truthAin't really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my duesI just respected the game, now my name all in the newsTripping on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to proveRemember I came in this bitch, fresh out the county with nothing to lose

The Game - My Bitch (

Back in this bitch like I never leftStand for some shit that you never repPassing through stages in life, through the ups and downsLike it's all just another testLive by the rules like a fucking refI got respect in a hundred setsToo many chains, need another chestPlaying no games if it wasn't chessCut from that cloth that you couldn't stretchCut from that serpent you couldn't testHeavily pressured and under stressedEven though niggas ain't show up, it was a messHonest and template to the leftJudge a young nigga by they addressLeft us no option, what they expect?Only thing we knew for sure was to bang the setFuck living basic, I'm taking risksFuck what they saying, I'm saying thisDon't waste your time, it don't make you rich, it don't mean nothingSo fuck 'em so let's make a gripDouble up, triple up, make assistBalling so hard, you could play your bitchLead to the lake, if they wanna fishMake sure them niggas around you stick to the scriptThis should be written in stoneYou should come visit my zoneDon't take my word, double check all of my flowsAsk 'em how Hussle got on, but fuck what you heardThis is for everybody who walked down that roadSold everything but they soulStraight off the curb, real niggas rich as you nerdsAddressed to whom it may concern

Stop Fucking Crying Bitch, Wah Wah Wah refers to a clip of YouTuber ReverendBurn telling Modern Warfare 3 players who were punished for using an infinite prestige token glitch to stop crying. The clip comes from a 2012 video in which Burn gives a negative opinion of the game, with the clip where he says "stop crying bitch" becoming a viral audio in memes, particularly on TikTok, in 2022.

On January 20th, 2012, YouTuber[1] ReverendBurn posted a video titled, "Modern Warfare 3 SUCKS" where he angrily, without a shirt, expresses his dislike of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. At around the 5:40 minute mark, Burn mocks and makes fun of players who complained about being punished for abusing a glitch in the game that allowed them to raise their prestige level infinitely. At the 6:10 minute mark he yells, "Stop fucking crying bitch, wah wah wah, I don't want to fucking hear it!" The video gained over 637,000 views in 10 years (age-restricted, re-upload shown below). 350c69d7ab


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